Chop That Wood?

I first heard this back in 1990 when Van Morrison released Enlightenment.  

Chop that wood
Carry water
What’s the sound of one hand clapping
Enlightenment, don’t know what it is  

I thought about it a long time and, nope, nothing.

Many years later I came upon the Zen axiom: Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. But that still didn’t make much sense to me.  

And then, one day, as a middle-aged man, aha!  

See, our middle ages are by definition a point of enlightenment. It’s that point when we’re willing to admit that we may have lived more days than the ones awaiting us. And now that we are duly enlightened, what do we do? Chop that wood. Same as before. 

I’ve put together this site as a place where we can ask questions and find answers. If you’re wondering what these middle ages are all about or if you’re to trying to figure out what wood to chop, then spend a bit of time with us.